Downs Design Group, Inc.

Hamptons in Montara

This prompted a complete overhaul of every single part of this home from top to bottom!  They were a referral from the next-door neighbors but had a completely different take on “coastal living.”

They had out grown Pottery Barn and were searching for the right elements to reflect who they were now, not ten years ago.  We interpreted a west coast version of the Hamptons.  Pale blues and greens complement the natural tones of cream, oatmeal, putty and gold.  We added texture and a few fun patterns and set the house up as if it was a boutique B&B.  The floor plan promotes entertaining and everyone can be involved from anywhere on the main floor.  The finishes are custom and all the furniture is couture.  When the space was revealed I asked them “so does this feel like you?” and one answered, “I don’t know but it feels like who I want to be!”  I would say it does because they are sleek, sexy, simple and smart.  Now their home is as beautiful as they are.